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source Pilates is a system of exercises created by Joseph Pilates focused on breath and strengthening and stretching the entire body.  Joseph Pilates was inspired by his study of anatomy, animal movements and Eastern and Western forms of exercise.  He called his original exercises “Contrology” and taught them to boxers, wrestlers, police units, elite dancers and many more during his lifetime.

Pilates exercises target the core muscles of the body, uniformly strengthen the extremities and maximize the benefits of the breath.  Present in all Pilates exercises are whole body movement, breathing, balanced muscle development, concentration, control, centering, precision and rhythm. learn more here

One of the greatest facts about Pilates is that it empowers you outside of the studio. Once you learn and internalize the efficient movement and breath patterns through regular Pilates sessions, the muscle memory is there to stay.  It comes back quickly even if you have to take a substantial break from Pilates.  We think it’s the smartest form of cross-training around because it’s low-impact, safe and it helps you avoid injury and maintain optimal shape on the track, court, road or slope click at this page.

You are only as young as your spine is flexible.

– Joseph Pilates